Swedish quality awarded Schools on a learning trip to the Basque Country (La opinión de los suecos)

El mes pasado representantes de diez centros escolares suecos visitaron nuestro colegio. Han valorado dicha visita con una opinión favorable sobre nuestro centro.

Swedish point of view

As part of the quest to gather, develop and spread knowledge of quality management in Sweden, SIQ (Swedish Institute for Quality) together with Vardeskaparna of Sweden, took an initiative to an exchange of experience between some of the best schools in Sweden and some of the best schools in the Basque country The Basque country has 27 European Quality awards among their 2 million citizens. As a comparison Sweden with its 10 million citizens have zero European Quality Awards.

The first school visit: Jesuitak Durango

Already on the first visit we got ourself any eye-opened. Aitor told us about how they started their work with advanced management around fifteen years ago and how they have done to mantain the commitment even after their awards. He told us that in their school it was natural for everyone to strive to become their best. To support this they sought a quality system that could contribute to the organization keeping up with and supporting their personal development. A really intriguing starting point. In our experience it is not unusual that organizations start working with quality because their clients demand it or because they are forced to by some ohter reason. Then, when the work gets underway your realize that the individuals have to be developed in order to keep up with changes in the organization… Striking during the visit is the humble approach and the strong will to contribute to something bigger than one self. To actively and with power contribute to a common good. Each year they set a theme of student’s develpment and the school’s role in society that they use throughout the whole operation. The theme is presented in a movie that is used as inspiration and view point for reflections, gatherings, projects and activities during the entire school year.  


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